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Home improvement can increase your home’s value and make living more comfortable. With the right home remodeler, your custom home remodeling project can be a fun project that turns your vision into reality.  When seeking San Ramon home remodeling contractors, look no further than Golden Heights Remodeling.

At Golden Heights Remodeling, we specialize in turning potential into reality. We offer a wide range of remodeling services tailored to your needs and financial requirements. The end result reflects your expectations and boosts your home’s value. Contact us today!

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Our Home Remodeling Services in San Ramon

Our crews take care of the full remodeling project, from design and permits to building. We draw on years of experience to deliver a bathroom and kitchen remodel that matches your needs and improves your living experience. We have also worked on ADUs and room additions to extend your home’s footage and add necessary space for relaxed living. 

Whole-house remodels

Whole-house remodels require careful design, planning, and implementation. From new flooring and bay windows with a view to new cabinets and smart home systems, with Golden Heights Remodeling you have an experienced team of trained technicians to take care of every step of the project. We can translate your expectations into livable and comfortable spaces that meet your needs. The skill to blend functionality with style is what sets us apart. 

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

Upgrade the most essential rooms in your home with our custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. We include all new trends in our kitchen and bathroom remodels such as open-concept living spaces, energy-efficient upgrades, and smart home technology. 

Our kitchen remodels match your living: we create cooking areas, dining spaces, and a careful flow of movement throughout the new kitchen area, providing bespoke countertops, beautiful cabinets, and ample storage room for all your cooking paraphernalia. 

Our en suite bathrooms are spaces of relaxation and can be spa-like to add a touch of luxury to your every day. 

Room additions and ADUs

Expand your living space with room additions or add value with accessory dwelling units (ADUs), perfect for guests, home offices, or additional income. Home additions mean you can have a new bathroom or new room added to your home. 

An ADU can help you move part of your activities there, such as a home office or gym. If you plan on having extended family members living with you, an ADU can help you maintain your privacy while still enjoying the proximity of loved ones. 

Outdoor living 

Extend your home’s comfort to the outdoors with custom decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens. Outdoor living in the San Ramon Valley is almost compulsory, thanks to the beautiful climate and weather conditions. Think of BBQs and open-air kitchens where you can entertain or just treat yourself to the beauty of the outdoors.


Read What Our Clients Say
Shaniko Brown
Shaniko Brown
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I met with three different contractors and I ended up choosing Golden Height Remodeling to renovate my entire home. When I met with David he made me feel comfortable he was professional and the price was very competitive. David gave me realistic expectations regarding budgets and time frames. I wanted to make sure I choose a contractor that was able to meet all of my needs regarding electrical, plumbing and remodeling. Golden Heights Remodeling was able to do so.
Sergio Mardson
Sergio Mardson
Read More
I have used Golden Heights Remodeling INC services with several projects in my house for years, and I have been consistently satisfied with all the work done. David has been very responsive, and I was happy with all the contractors that he had sent me. All of them were professional, timely and reasonably priced!
Noel Baku
Noel Baku
Read More
I loved how they remodeled my home into the dream house I’ve always wanted as a little girl! The designs were flawless, and the finish was to die for. Honestly feel like I’m living in a villa in Antilles. They are the best Home Remodeling in Concord and their prices are friendly too!
Klara Geil
Klara Geil
Read More
Fantastic work. My wife and I felt like the initial interior design of our home didn't reflect our personality. But when Golden Heights Remodeling took our project, they transformed our bland home into a rich, distinct cocktail of magnificent themes and colors that makes us smile every time we get to our casa. Amazing!
J Huang
J Huang
Read More
Nevo came by to my house, spent hours explaining the job very thoroughly and the next day gave me a detailed and thorough estimate. Very nice and went above and beyond in helping me understand what was going on. I wasn't entirely sure yet what I wanted to have done, and I'm pretty new to renovation ideas, he gave me great advice about what I should look for and things I should consider. I highly recommend this company.

San Ramon Home Remodeling

Golden Heights Remodeling for Your San Ramon Remodel Project

Golden Heights Remodeling is an experienced home remodeling contractor. We work within set budgets and with excellent craftsmanship. We focus on smart solutions that blend functionality with style, so get in touch with Golden Heights Remodeling, the leading general contractor in San Ramon for any home improvement job you need!

Local to the San Ramon area

We have been serving San Ramon and the San Francisco Bay area on home remodeling projects for decades. We know the local design trends as well as building regulations. Our designs meet the area’s style while being compliant with the building code, start to finish. 

Full remodeling services

Golden Heights Remodeling teams can tackle all your remodeling needs, from design and permitting to home construction, interior design, and final clean-up. 

As experienced home remodeling contractors, we can work on kitchen or bathroom renovations to whole house remodels and outdoor living spaces. We have the right know-how, experience, and personnel to deliver any home improvement project needed from A to Z, always on time. 

Quality craftsmanship

A successful home rests on excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. We work with the best materials and brands while our skilled home builders, contractors, engineers, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians support each other to deliver outstanding remodeling work. 

Customized solutions

Each home is different and homeowners have their own concepts about what will make their life easier and more comfortable. Each remodeling project requires tailored solutions. Our personalized approach means we design and execute your project with your vision at the forefront.

Affordable remodeling in San Ramon

We ask our customers to tell us their budget. We design home remodels with your budget in mind so that you don’t go over budget or face difficult financial choices. We offer affordable solutions with an eye to excellent material quality and careful craftsmanship.

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Talk with one of our roofing experts to discuss your needs and vision for your new roof. We’re waiting to hear from you and see how we can help. Our skilled technicians will make sure that your roof is built to last and looks beautiful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any local San Ramon, CA, regulations I should be aware of before starting a remodel?

San Ramon has specific building codes and regulations that govern home remodeling projects. Our team knows these regulations and will handle all necessary permits and compliance issues, ensuring your project proceeds smoothly and legally. Contact us today and learn more about the regulations that may apply to your dream remodeling project.

What warranty does Golden Heights Remodeling offer on remodeling work?

Golden Heights Remodeling is an experienced and reliable business for your remodeling project. We stand behind our work with a solid warranty that covers both materials and labor, giving you confidence in the durability and high quality of our work. Specific details of our warranty will be provided during the consultation phase, tailored to the scope of your project. With Golden Heights Remodeling, you can be certain that we will get the job done — and done right.

How does Golden Heights Remodeling handle unexpected challenges or changes during a project?

Our experience has taught us to anticipate and efficiently manage challenges through the entire process of remodeling your home. We maintain flexible project management practices to accommodate changes or unexpected issues. For example, the weather can upset our schedule. We always communicate clearly with you to discuss options, impacts on the timeline and budget, and how to move forward in the best way for you. 

How long will my home remodeling project take?

The duration of a remodeling project can vary widely depending on its scope — from a few weeks for a simple kitchen and bath update to several months for a complete home renovation or significant additions. We provide our clients with a detailed timeline before starting any work and keep you updated on our progress.

How do you match my personal style and needs?

Our process begins with a detailed consultation where we listen carefully to your vision, ideas, preferences, and practical requirements. We want to know what you’re looking for from your renovation project. We then create customized design plans that incorporate your feedback. We present a final project that not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

Reach out to Golden Heights Remodeling for Your San Ramon Home Remodeling Project

A home remodeling project can be daunting. Our Golden Heights Remodeling team is here to guide you from beginning to end and take care of everything that pertains to the project. 

If you’re considering a kitchen remodeling, a bathroom renovation, a full home remodel or any other home improvement project in San Ramon and Contra Costa County, CA, Golden Heights Remodeling is here to offer you the best home remodeling. Our team is ready to bring your vision to life with a blend of creativity, precision, and unparalleled service. 

Call us today and get a free estimate on your home renovation or remodeling project!

Get The Best Service In San Ramon

Besides doing the best job on your home renovation, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best service! When you work with Golden Heights, you can count on us for:

Professionalism & Accuracy

We promise to be 100% accurate and professional, and give you the result you hope for.

Meeting Your Deadline

We promise to finish your project on the time frame you've set, meeting your deadline.

Great Communication

We promise to always listen and be sure to understand exactly what you want.

Great Availability

A dedicated project manager will be truly available to help, talk or hear from you at any time.

Clear & Affordable Pricing

We promise to give you the best price and be clear about the pricing structure of your project, so you know what you're paying for.

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