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Golden Heights Remodeling Inc. is a top-rated licensed and full-service remodeling company in the Bay Area. We draw on years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, and are committed to working with you from start to finish to make your home remodeling dream a reality.

We’ve been working with homeowners and businesses in the area for years, and our experienced team knows how to get the job done right. We’re always up for a challenge, so no project is too big or too small for us.

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Mike Sharland
Mike Sharland
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We used GHR to remodel our Kitchen and two full baths. We love the look of our finished projects! Eran and David were wonderful to work with. They checked in frequently throughout the duration of the project to make sure we were happy with how everything was going and to see if there was anything else we needed. When I pointed several detail I thought could use improvement, there were quick to have them amended to meet my satisfaction.
Susan Morrison
Susan Morrison
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OUTSTANDING kitchen remodel work done by Golden Heights Remodeling, they took care of the project as their own. We are grateful and thankful for their care, dedication, and hardwork. It’s not often that I remodeled a place, but the team exceeded expectations and the experience was absolutely painless! The team's great attention to detail made this effort a huge success. I will gladly call upon Golden Heights Remodeling again.
Noel Baku
Noel Baku
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I loved how they remodeled my home into the dream house I’ve always wanted as a little girl! The designs were flawless, and the finish was to die for. Honestly feel like I’m living in a villa in Antilles. They are the best Home Remodeling in Concord and their prices are friendly too! 😀😀
Sonya Fierro
Sonya Fierro
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We had the most amazing experience with Golden Heights Remodeling. I got my entire kitchen remodeled, and as much as I thought it would be such a daunting task, the crew put me to ease. Everything was completed on time and looked even better than expected. They are friendly, professional and RELIABLE in every way. I recommend to all our friends.
J Huang
J Huang
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Nevo came by to my house, spent hours explaining the job very thoroughly and the next day gave me a detailed and thorough estimate. Very nice and went above and beyond in helping me understand what was going on. I wasn't entirely sure yet what I wanted to have done, and I'm pretty new to renovation ideas, he gave me great advice about what I should look for and things I should consider. I highly recommend this company.

We Offer The Most Comprehensive Warranties And Contracts In Town!

We give you peace of mind that when you work with Golden Heights Remodeling, your purchase is backed by quality and service warranties. Your house is where you’ll live for years to come, so we understand how important it is to guarantee the quality of the result. We take every issue seriously so that your home remodeling stands time and wear and tear. Our warranties protect you and any possible beneficiaries from unforeseen circumstances.

Sit Back & Relax. We'll Do All the Project Management

A dedicated project manager will be at your service from the first on-site meeting, throughout the work process, and until the work is complete.  This helps communication and gives you the certainty that you have a consistent point of contact with Golden Heights.

State-of-the-Art Craftsmanship - End to End

The quality craftsmanship in our projects makes us stand out from other companies. Our attention to detail ensures that your space will be tailored specifically for you. Our creative designs utilize space in the most efficient way.

We Got You Covered: Full-Service Remodeling & Renovation

We offer a wide range of top-quality home remodeling services for your home: from simple home improvements to full-scale structural changes. As experts in the field, we provide you with all the necessary solutions — including managing timelines and organizing tradespeople so that construction goes smoothly on site. We’ll take full care of the remodeling project, including clean-up at the end.

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Get inspired & see the results from some of our past projects.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Home in San Francisco and Bay?

The cost of a full remodel depends on many factors. Larger projects will cost more than smaller ones: a full home remodel with kitchen and bathroom remodel will be more expensive than a room addition. Expensive materials and finishes can increase the overall cost. Likewise, if you need to project to be done quickly, this can affect the cost as more labor will be required. Finally, code compliance and permits can impact the home remodel cost.

What is a realistic timeline for remodeling projects in the Bay Area? How can I minimize delays?

It usually takes 3 to 6 months to complete a home remodeling project in the Bay Area although large remodeling projects can take more than that. Again, a lot depends on the scope of the project. A bathroom remodeling will take less time to finish than a living room addition, for example.

To minimize delays, keep a few thoughts in the back of your mind:

  • Let us know immediately if something does not match your expectations so we can fix it on the spot.
  • A clear design and plan from the beginning helps keep a home remodeling on track. We can order materials and organize our labor schedule to complete your project.
  • Potential delays can happen due to weather conditions and changes in the project scope.
  • Regular meetings with your dedicated manager will help communication. You can assess the progress of the remodeling project and make sure any concerns are voiced.

What affects the cost of a home remodeling project?

The most important factor that affects the cost is the scope of the project: larger and more complex renovations typically cost more due to the increased amount of materials, labor, and time required.

The specific rooms being remodeled also play a significant role. For example, kitchens and bathrooms often cost more due to the need for plumbing, electrical work, and expensive fixtures.

The choice of materials greatly affects the cost as well. High-quality, luxury materials like granite countertops or hardwood flooring are more expensive than more modest options.

Labor costs are another significant component. If your home remodeling requires expert and specialized contractors for installation, then the cost of labor will inevitably increase.

One final aspect to consider is whether the remodeling involves structural changes, such as removing or adding walls. This can increase costs due to the complexity and additional work like rerouting electrical wiring or plumbing.

How can I find a reputable home remodeling contractor in the Bay Area?

Start by looking for local remodeling contractors. They know how the local weather can affect the project and will be punctual with the project. 

A local contractor is also easier to assess. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have had similar work done. Personal referrals come with firsthand accounts of a contractor’s work quality, reliability, and professionalism.

Use online resources such as contractor directories and review websites. You are looking for a local contractor with 5-star reviews like Golden Heights. You want previous customers to praise the contractor for their work quality, professionalism, reliability, and punctuality. 

Once you have a list of potential contractors, check their credentials. Ensure they are licensed, insured, and bonded as required by your local and state regulations. This protects you in case of accidents or damage during the project. You can also look into their professional affiliations, such as memberships in trade associations.

After narrowing down your list, schedule a consultation with the contractor. This is your opportunity to discuss your project in detail, ask questions, and get a sense of their expertise and communication style. Also, ask for references from previous clients and follow up with these to inquire about their experiences.

Get detailed, written estimates from your contractor. These should include a breakdown of all costs, the project timeline, and payment terms. 

Finally, trust your instincts. A good rapport with your contractor, clear communication, and a mutual understanding of the project are essential for a successful home remodeling experience.

You are looking for quality, reliability, and a proven track record of excellent home remodeling projects in the Bay Area.

Steps for Remodeling Home in the San Francisco Bay Area

How to plan your home remodel in the SF Bay Area

Once you have a clear picture in your mind of how you want to remodel your home, talk to our Golden Heights design team so your vision materializes in a 3D design. Our plan includes materials, remodeling steps, timeline, and final result.

Home remodeling steps in the San Francisco area

Once the plan has been finalized, our Golden Heights remodeling crews will start on your project. We will demolish previous structures such as previous cabinetry in the kitchen or walls that need to come down for a room addition. After removing debris, we’ll start working on electrical and plumbing.

Depending on the remodeling project, we can install a new kitchen, build a wall, put a window or a door in an existing wall, and handle the bathroom remodel with new fixtures, bathtub, and flooring. We’ll stick to the design we have agreed upon and pay attention to the finest detail to remain true to our contract.

Important Final Steps that Μake a Successful Home Renovation in the Bay Area

When we regularly discuss progress, we can make decisions promptly when needed to help keep the project on track and minimize misunderstandings. Part of our final steps is to inspect our work and make sure our remodeling project was exactly what you wanted. 

Quality of workmanship is important to us. We take precise measurements and carefully cut and install to match your expectations. These features are particularly evident in areas like tile work, trim, and paint finishes, where imperfections are easily noticed.

We pay special attention to functionality. We consider how spaces will be used and ensure that the layout, lighting, and storage solutions meet your needs. The final remodeling steps will show you how we outdid ourselves in terms of smart utilization of space.

Home remodeling can be messy but we’ll take steps to minimize and contain any mess to make the process less intrusive and protect areas of your home not being remodeled. When we walk you through the remodeled area, we’ll make sure the space is clean and presentable.

Where can I stay while the house is being renovated?

During a home remodeling project, especially one that’s extensive or affects crucial living spaces like the kitchen or bathrooms, you will be required to find alternative accommodation for comfort and convenience. Our crew will make sure your home is safe and that our work won’t affect home areas that are not being remodeled.

If you need to stay away from your home, you can rent a temporary residence or you can stay with family or friends. For shorter projects, however, or if only a part of your house is being remodeled, you may prefer staying in your home and setting up a temporary living space. This could involve setting up a temporary kitchen in another room if your kitchen is being remodeled, or using another bathroom if one is under renovation.

Hear from our clients

Nim Pengspa (Bay Area, Ca)

Do Home Renovations Increase Property Value in SF and the Bay Area?

Home renovations and remodeling can improve the property value of your home in the San Francisco area. A new kitchen or a modern bathroom makes your home more upmarket and adds comfort to potential buyers.

Careful choice of materials that blend seamlessly with most people’s tastes and excellent craftsmanship will certainly increase your home’s value. Likewise, smart design and astute storage solutions are good investments in your home value.

How does a home renovation affect property values in San Francisco and the Bay Area?

Kitchen and bathroom renovations often add the most value to a home. Updating these rooms to be more modern, functional, and pleasing to the eye can appeal to potential buyers and increase the overall attractiveness of a home.

Increasing the square footage of your property such as finishing a basement or adding a room can also significantly increase a home’s value. Potential buyers will appreciate the extra living space.

Finally, improvements in energy efficiency, like upgrading windows, insulation, or heating systems, can add value. These upgrades not only make the home more comfortable but also reduce energy costs, which is appealing to future buyers.

What particular home remodeling projects increase property value in San Francisco?

The most rewarding remodeling projects in terms of increased property value are a remodeled kitchen, a newly done bathroom, and new flooring throughout the house. A room addition like a home office also improves the value of your home as it adds more space.

If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal, think of new siding, a landscaping overhaul, new insulated windows, and a new entry door. These are things that people notice first-hand when they take a look at your home.

Hear from our clients

Jullian & Genevieve (San Fracisco, Bay Area)

Choose Golden Height Remodeling For Your Home Renovation Projects in the San Francisco area

With over two decades of experience with homeowners looking to update their homes or create an entirely new living space, we take a home remodeling project and develop it exactly as you want it. 

We can flawlessly execute an existing design you’ve already chosen or work with you from the start to plan and design the outcome you expect. Once you’ve told us how you picture your home remodeling, we take care of the rest, from the necessary permits to choosing the right materials to do a superb job.

Why Work With Golden Heights Remodeling?

Besides doing a fantastic job on every project we take, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best service!
When you work with Golden Heights, you can count on us for:

Professionalism & Accuracy

We promise to be 100% accurate and professional from start to finish, giving you the exact result you envision.

Meeting Your Deadline

We promise to finish your project on the time frame you've set, meeting your deadline.

Great Communication

We promise to always listen to you carefully, and be sure to understand exactly what you want.

Great Availability

A dedicated project manager will be truly available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and hear from you at any time.

Clear & Affordable Pricing

We promise to give you the best price and be clear about the pricing structure of your project, so you know what you're paying for.

Home Remodeling Process for your Bay Area Home

Find the Right Professionals for Your Bay Area Home Renovation

Golden Heights Remodeling is your go-to contractor for your home remodeling project. We have experience and we work with the best constructors. We are professionals, reliable, and trustworthy.

Start the Home Remodel

Contact Golden Heights to start the design of your home remodel project. Work closely with our dedicated project manager to get the remodel off the ground.

Permits and Compliance in the Remodeling Process

The nature and extent of the remodeling work will determine whether we need permits. Our Golden Heights managers take care of permits. We are meticulous about sticking to regulations and conforming with building codes.

The home remodeling steps

From design, permits, and demolition to construction and putting the finishing touches, our Golden Heights team will be with you throughout the process. If you have any questions or would like to confirm we are sticking to the agreed design, we are always available.

Post-Remodeling Considerations for a Successful Home Renovation

The final inspection and a detailed walk-through will show how beautiful the home renovation looks.

Remember to update your home insurance, especially if you added extra footage. If your home has increased in value due to the home remodeling, you want this reflected in your insurance policy.

We warranty materials and labor, so contact us if you need clarifications on our warranty contract.

Hire Golden Heights as your Local Home Remodeling Company in San Francisco

Golden Heights is your trusted local remodeling contractor. We stand behind our customer satisfaction and our 5-star reviews. Contact us today for your free consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of home remodeling projects are popular in the Bay Area?

In the Bay Area, homeowners focus on tech-friendly and sustainable upgrades, like smart home systems, solar panels, and energy-efficient appliances, alongside space-maximizing renovations such as converting basements and adding ADUs. Popular remodeling projects also include modernizing kitchens and bathrooms, enhancing outdoor living spaces, and improving energy efficiency with better insulation and windows.

How do I handle the permitting process for home remodeling in the Bay Area?

Golden Heights manages the entire permitting process for your remodeling project, including handling document gathering, application submission, and obtaining the necessary permit following building department feedback. We’ll ensure compliance with permits through regular inspections and a final inspection to verify adherence to codes.

Is Golden Heights Remodeling Inc. licensed for home remodeling?

Absolutely. Golden Heights Remodeling Inc. is a fully insured, licensed, and bonded home remodeling contracting company. We are local to the Bay Area and have worked on hundreds of remodeling projects on homes. We stand by our excellent reputation and outstanding customer satisfaction.

What factors should I consider when budgeting for a home remodeling project in the Bay Area?

Consider the project’s size, materials, labor costs, and potential expenses for design services, permits, and inspections. Include a contingency fund for unexpected issues and consider long-term impacts, such as increased home value and maintenance costs. Account for any temporary relocation costs and financing charges, as well.

How can I find reputable contractors for my home remodeling project in the Bay Area?

Start by asking for personal recommendations from friends and family. Research contractors online, checking reviews and their licensing status on the California State Licensing Board website. Visit home shows or showrooms, meet potential contractors to assess their professionalism, and consider specialists for specific project types. Trust your instincts about their trustworthiness and ensure they have the necessary insurance.

Are there eco-friendly options for home remodeling in the Bay Area?

In the Bay Area, eco-friendly home remodeling includes installing energy-efficient appliances and solar panels, and using sustainable materials like bamboo and reclaimed wood. Upgrades like eco-friendly insulation, double-pane windows, and low-flow water fixtures enhance energy efficiency and conservation. Drought-tolerant landscaping, cool roofing, LED lighting, and low-VOC paints also contribute to a greener home, while smart home technology further optimizes energy use. Finally, sourcing local and recycled materials reduces the environmental footprint.

What is the average timeline for completing a home remodeling project in the Bay Area?

The timeline for a home remodeling job varies greatly, from a few days for minor updates like repainting to up to a year for major, comprehensive remodels. Specific projects like bathroom or kitchen renovations typically take 3 to 8 weeks. Larger remodels involving multiple rooms or the entire house can span 3 to 6 months, and even longer if there are significant structural changes or complex design elements involved.

Factors that affect the timeline 

The timeline of a home remodel is influenced by several factors, starting with a planning phase that can take weeks or months, depending on the project’s complexity. Material availability, especially for specialty or custom items, can affect lead times. The chosen contractor’s availability is also a factor. Weather conditions significantly impact exterior projects like roofing and landscaping. Finally, unexpected delays are possible due to unforeseen structural issues or changes in project scope.

Can home remodeling increase the resale value of my property in the Bay Area?

Certain home renovations like kitchen and bathroom remodels, adding living space, and enhancing energy efficiency can significantly increase a home’s resale value by improving aesthetics, functionality, and appeal to buyers. The quality of the renovation work is important. Curb appeal matters too, so exterior updates and landscaping can raise home value. Highly personalized design choices may not have as much ROI as more neutral, universally appealing updates. Address any underlying structural/systemic maintenance issues to maximize the home value upon resale.

How do I ensure a smooth and stress-free home remodeling experience in the Bay Area?

Work with an experienced and trustworthy contractor like Golden Heights Remodeling. Having a clear plan in place with detailed designs, defined scope, and material selections minimizes last-minute delays and stress. Setting a realistic budget with contingency funds and being decisive when selecting finishes also helps. Finding a contractor who communicates well and checks in regularly is key. While some disruption is inevitable, being flexible, patient, and organized can alleviate any frustration.

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