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Foundation repair is more than just a foundation. It’s an investment in your home and overall quality of life!
A sound, solid wood floor can last for decades before it needs any attention from you or those around them- but sometimes these floors need some TLC if they’ve seen better days


Our foundation experts fix your cracked or sinking home foundation

We are your go-to foundation repair service. Our team of experts will come to you and make sure that any cracks, chips or stains on top surface get fixed quickly so it doesn’t affect the quality finish underneath! We specialise in foundation repair services. As a leading company, we offer high quality work at competitive prices. We want to help you maintain the foundations of your home in top shape! The best option for any type or size foundation repair is with us.

Home foundations are the heart of your home. Protect yours with Golden Heights

Cracks in your foundation are very concerning. They can be an indication that there is trouble with the structural integrity of it, and if left unchecked may lead to more serious problems like settling or shifting causing even greater issues than before! You should speak out as soon as you notice these signs because time equals money when dealing directly against mother nature’s elements – don’t let them profit off our negligence by waiting until something goes wrong at home due solely from neglecting basic maintenance tasks such sidewalk repair work

how we replace your foundation

Heavy equipment is used to completely remove the dirt from around your home and uncover any problems with its foundation. The foundation repair contractor will show you how and why the damage occurred, as well as explain specialized materials that can be used for making permanent repairs. There are a variety of solutions that can be applied. If you have buckling foundation walls, for example, foundation wall anchors may be suggested as the solution. Foundation settlement issues are often solved with foundation piers.


We're your go-to for foundation repair and services

We have the tools, training and professional foundation services you need to permanently solve your problem. Our warrantied solutions can restore the value of your home! When you’re looking for a foundation that will last, look no further than the professionals at our locally owned company. We specialize in solving any problems with waterproofing and foundations so your home is guaranteed to be water-resistant forever! We want to make sure that your foundation is in good shape. That’s why we offer free quotes for professional service! Each written quote includes an on-site inspection and answers any questions you might have about the problem, so don’t hesitate – call today!

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