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Golden Heights Remodeling is your trusted remodel contractor. We specialize in bathroom remodeling services across the Bay Area. Our team focuses on transforming bathrooms into personalized and functional spaces. We pay attention to details and strive for excellence, ensuring renovations that match your preferences, creating a rejuvenated bathroom that meets your expectations.

Imagine coming back home from work and taking a relaxing shower in your new bathroom. The feeling is priceless! Indeed, there is nothing more enjoyable than a fresh and well-designed bathroom for your home. 

Whether it is the family bathroom, the master bathroom, or a smaller guest bathroom, remodeling your space means you get a brand-new bathroom with modern features and ample space. You can adjust the design with a bathtub or a shower — or even both, depending on the available space. 

Invest in tiles and modern features that add comfort and serenity to your Bay area bathroom. We all deserve some personal pampering and a bath remodel can certainly deliver!

What’s in a Bathroom Remodel Project?

Remodeling your bathroom means taking out all the existing features and building better, modern ones. 

Most homeowners in the Bay Area choose to re-tile walls and change the flooring to styles and materials that match the rest of their home style. They may also install a new vanity, countertops, and sinks as well as faucets and other fixtures. 

There are plenty of choices for your bathroom remodel. You can go for a complete remodel or a partial renovation. Stone, vinyl, ceramic tile, or porcelain tile flooring can make a huge difference in the overall look and practicality of your bathroom. 

Walls can be painted or covered with ceramic or porcelain tiles. Your bathroom countertop can come in granite, marble, quartz, or solid surfaces while vanities and custom cabinetry come in solid wood, MDF, or plywood. 

You can pick natural stone or tiles for your shower and glass shower doors, chrome or brushed nickel for the faucets for a timeless look. And with the right electrical work, your bathroom can have amazing light and safe electricity features for your bathroom appliances.

Golden Heights Remodeling for Your Bathroom Remodel

Full service, from beginning to end 

Golden Heights Remodeling is a trusted and experienced bathroom remodeling contractor in the Bay Area for all types of home improvement projects from kitchen remodeling to roofing. 

We have worked on many bathroom remodels and take care of the full project, from bathroom design to permit acquisition and demolition, construction and clean up. We have specialized interior designers, licensed and insured builders, electricians, plumbers, and constructors to complete any bathroom remodeling project from the beginning until the project is completed. 

It takes excellent workmanship and craftsmanship for quality bathroom remodel and our Golden Heights crews excel at the quality of work and installation they deliver. 

Stick to the timeframe  

A home with a demolished bathroom is very inconvenient. We are aware that having workers around your home is a nuisance which is why we stick to the timeframe we have given our customers. It is important to us that the remodeling project upsets your daily life as little as possible until it is finished and you can enjoy your brand-new space. 

Affordable prices

A full bathroom remodel can be costly but with Golden Heights Remodeling you know you are getting the best craftsmanship at the most affordable prices. We focus on great customer service and customer reviews recommend us for our quality and prices.

Personalized service with dedicated project managers

We stand by our professional reputation for providing excellent customer service. We dedicate a home remodeling project manager to every bathroom remodel in the San Francisco Bay area so that you have personalized service and a person who will answer all your questions and help you throughout the remodeling process. 

Comprehensive warranties on materials and labor

Bathroom remodels can be expensive, which is why you should get the most out of your investment. With Golden Heights Remodeling you get the most extended and inclusive warranties on materials and labor. Once we have remodeled your bathroom, you have peace of mind that everything is backed by our warranty for many years to come.

Why Do I Need a Bathroom Remodel?

Improved bathroom look 

One of the primary benefits of a bathroom remodel is the opportunity to update and modernize the look of your bathroom. You can choose new fixtures, tiles, color schemes, and finishes to create a fresh and stylish atmosphere that matches your personal taste. With Golden Heights, you can make your dream bathroom come true.

Improved Functionality

Remodeling allows you to optimize the layout and functionality of your bathroom. You can reconfigure the space to better suit your design ideas and your needs, whether it’s adding storage, expanding the shower, or creating a more efficient flow.

Increased Storage

Adding or upgrading cabinets and storage solutions during a remodel can help you de-clutter your bathroom and keep essentials organized. You can build customized storage options to maximize space utilization.

Better Ventilation

Improved ventilation through exhaust fans or windows can help reduce moisture and humidity in the bathroom and prevent mold and mildew growth.

Improved Comfort

Heated flooring, towel warmers, and heated toilet seats can add comfort and luxury to your bathroom.

Increased Property Value

A well-designed and updated bathroom is a strong selling point for potential buyers. The cost of bathroom remodeling can have an important return on investment if you plan to resell your property later. 


Our bathroom remodeling services in San Fransisco, Bay Area allow you to personalize your residential and commercial bathroom to your specific needs and preferences. You can create a spa-like retreat, a sleek modern oasis, or a cozy traditional space. 

A beautifully remodeled bathroom can serve as a private retreat where you can relax and unwind. Features like soaking tubs and spa-like showers contribute to your overall well-being, without having to leave home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, even small bathrooms can be remodeled to maximize space and create a more open feel. Clever design choices, such as using light colors, installing space-saving fixtures, and optimizing storage, can make a significant difference. Call us for a free consultation and a free estimate, whatever the size of your bathroom!

The cost of a bathroom remodel varies based on factors like the size of the space, the materials chosen, and the extent of the job. We work closely with you to create a design that meets your budget while achieving your goals.

Yes, we stand by the quality of our work and will provide warranties to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

As your trusted construction company, we can undertake a full home remodel from start to finish, including bathroom and kitchen remodel, room additions, roofing and siding, or home additions and accessory dwelling units (ADU). If you are looking for a general contractor with years of experience, Golden Heights offers top-quality home improvement services for the right price whatever your home construction and remodeling projects are. Contact us today to learn more about our home renovation services and we can start planning your home remodeling in San Fransisco and across the Bay area.

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